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sportief en gezond in Hoofddorp

Do you want to lose weight? Get fitter? Develop more muscle strength? Or do you have another personal goal? At Jeroen Maas Sports Company, the team takes care of healthy and sporty Hoofddorp.

Sports as part of your routine 

Starting with sports is one thing, but keeping it up is often more difficult. Sport should become part of your weekly routine, just like eating and sleeping.

Unique motivation program

To help you with this Jeroen Maas Sports Company has developed a new unique 12-week motivation program. The result of this program speaks for itself. More than 83% of the members who followed this program are still actively exercising after one year. That’s what they do it for!

Special offer

Pay only €149 for the summer in shape action. The subscription ends automatically after 12 weeks. Pay no registration fee of €35 and get the 12-week motivation program for free!

What to expect:

  1. A personal intake;
  2. In week 2,4 and 8 a check-in with your trainer;
  3. Wide opening hours and flexible guidance;
  4. Assistance in fitting exercise into your schedule;
  5. JMSC trainer at your disposal seven days a week;
  6. Personalized advide & guidance.

Also go for:

  1. Exercising with pleasure
  2. Regular exercise
  3. More energy
  4. Better health

Sign up for an introduction at and mention summer in shape.

Voel je fit en gezond: sport op een manier die bij jou past!
Jeroen Maas Sports Company beweegt je.

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